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Now Open: Adventure Lagoon Water Park In Anaheim

Get excited! The wait is finally over. A nine-acre lake in Anaheim primed for drinking now serves as the site of a new water park and adventure lagoon at 3255 E Miraloma Avenue. The “Adventure Lagoon” water park is officially open to the public and tickets can be purchased through the park’s website. This unique park features an inflatable “Ninja Warrior” obstacle course as well as Kayak renting and warm waters. Average temperatures are around 78 degrees on any given afternoon because the water filling this particular park has undergone recharging. Water starts out at the Prado Dam and moves through the Santa Ana River into four holding ponds, where it is re-directed to the Adventure Lagoon at a rate of 30,000 gallons per minute.

The lagoon’s lake is a basin owned by the Orange County water district used for recharging. Water is continuously pulled down through vents located below the lake. Working with the Orange County water district helps the Adventure Lagoon fill its reservoir when California experiences a drought. The unique partnership ensures Adventure Lagoon’s water stays both comfortably warm and incredibly crystal clear (it is, after all, basically drinking water!). Be sure to check out the recently opened aquatic thrills at Adventure Lagoon in Anaheim. For the latest information and updates, visit

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