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OCFA Launches New Fire Cadet Program In Yorba Linda

Local youths interested in seeking practical insight into the fire protection profession now have the Orange County Fire Authority Fire Cadet Program at their disposal. The Orange County Fire Authority is launching a new community-based program in Yorba Linda that aims to provide young ones considering a profession as a first responder with useful information and tips by engaging in activities centered on emergency services. The OCFA Fire Cadet Program is an official department function that benefits from the support and approval of the Fire Chief and board of directors.

Fire Cadets are given learning opportunities designed to enhance their life skills, citizenship, character development, and leadership, encouraging them to develop into productive adults. Youth in the program will get to explore the many facets of the fire service through an experience that balances both classroom and hands-on learning. The Fire Cadet Program is open to females and males age 14 to 21.

If you know a teenager or young adult who has expressed interest in a firefighting career, possesses a positive attitude, and a good work ethic, the new Fire Cadet Program in Yorba Linda may be a program of interest. By visiting you’ll find further information about this program.

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