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Yorba Linda Launches Flag Design Contest!

The City of Yorba Linda is looking to tap into the creative design skills of its residents. It was recently announced that Yorba Linda is holding a flag design contest in which residents are encouraged to submit their best design to be featured on the new flag. The contest is limited to only Yorba Linda residents, and only one submission per person is allowed. Additionally, entrants must submit a 500-word narrative with their flag design, describing the symbolism and/or explaining design features.

The guidelines for the flag design are as follows. First, be sure to adhere to the basic principles of flag design as laid out by the North American Vexillological Association ( ). Your flag design should be so simple that a child could draw it from memory. Next, the flag’s images, colors, or patterns should utilize meaningful symbolism, with a limit of two to three basic colors applied. Also, the use of lettering or seals is discouraged. Lastly, all designs should be original.

To submit your design, complete the online Flag Contest Form ( ). Designs must be attached to the application in 3’x5′ format. Entries are due by February 22, 2021, at 5:00 P.M. The top entries, as determined by a panel of judges, will be submitted to the City Council for final approval. However, the City may also choose not to adopt any of the submitted designs. If a winning flag design is selected, the applicant will receive recognition at a City Council meeting or community event and a printed flag. Good luck!

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